We're exploring ancient worlds, this time on Bit of Play!

Daniel and Arman comb through the worlds of Super Metroid, Dark Souls, Shenmue, and Far Cry 2.  You can read more about these worlds in our Open Worlds Primer here. 

Just a note on the format: Bit of Play is a much shorter, and more focused version of our regular show. In the past that's meant game histories, outtakes or live events. This time we're going through an overview of our favourite aspects of open world game design. We enjoy the atmosphere of Super Metroid, the sense of weight and continuity to Dark Souls, the sheer character of Shenmue, and the emergent gameplay in Far Cry 2. 

Our opening theme is "Metroid Legacy" by Omni-Psyence and our ending theme was the Orchestral version of the Shenmue theme.