This week on Built to Play, the Japanese Beethoven didn't write that theme for Resident Evil.

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He also didn't compose most of the work he has under his name. Most of Mamoru Samuragochi's work, including the Resident Evil theme, was written by 43-year-old composer Takashi Niigaki since at least 1996. Niigaki also claims that Samuragochi isn't deaf either, as they held conversations together.  Nippon Columbia has since stopped distributing most of Samuragochi's work, and his publisher cancelled the release of three upcoming scores. As Daniel put it, the deaf brilliant composer may not actually be any of those things. 

Nintendo, meanwhile, is considering a unified operating systems for future consoles. This idea comes in response to its disastrous quarterly earnings, and fiscal year. Many have called this a great plan regardless of the financial maladies surrounding it, as Nintendo often trails behind technologically. For instance, current recursive nightmare that is the Wii Virtual Console residing in a sub-level OS within the WiiU.

Also this week, Game Informer revealed that Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes may only be a couple hours. They played through the main story in about two hours, and had finished some of the sidequests by four hours. Konami claims that this is supposed to be a game you play over and over again for a score, but they're also charging between $20 to $40 USD, depending on the version. 

Finally, and to everyone surprise, Square Enix is back in the black. The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn MMO is selling more than anyone thought it would, including Square Enix. Plus, Disney Interactive didn't burn itself to the ground thanks to Disney Infinity, and all of those sweet sweet action figures.  It still remains one of Disney's least profitable divisions, however. 

Passion is our theme this week! That's a passion for games and a passion to make games. 

Jason Oda joins us to talk about the adventure before Continue?9876543210a game about the afterlife. In it, you play as a video game character who has lost his last life and must try to escape the Random Access Memory before he's deleted. Oda's last game was Skrillex Quest, a Zelda-style role playing game based on dubstep. Most of his games fit that kind of lighter fun. But recently Oda had his own adventure that forced him to change his perspective. During one of his yearly winter vacations he went to Colorado to meet a Peruvian shaman, took some drugs, got lost in the New Mexico desert and barely escaped with his life. It's a strange story, but it's only half of what makes the game special. Listen to Oda talk about it starting at 27:05.

(Quick Correction: Skrillex Quest is not available on Steam, but is online for free)

We also heard from Gerry Pugliese, a Mass Effect fan so devoted that he wrote more than 500 pages for an alternate ending to Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 was an extremely divisive game to say the least, as its ending polarized fans and pushed Bioware to create an extended version. Ninety-one per cent of fans in a Bioware forum poll wanted them to scrap it and start over. And for those people, Pugliese has a solution. For more than a year he spent all of his spare time working on Mass Effect 3: Vindication, a pdf filled with gameplay and story revisions, concept art, potential DLC and a whole new ending. Hear about his ending to the Mass Effect trilogy at 47:50.

The music in this episode comes from the Free Music Archive. We used the songs, "Great Recession Watershed" by Fields of Ohio and "Everything is Broken, or Intact" and "Toy Cupboard" by Bleak House. Our ending theme is "Space Stage" by L'homme Manete.