In the final part of our series on the history of Final Fantasy we go through the PS2 era and beyond. That's Final Fantasy X-XIV. We follow the designers at Square Enix and try to explain how the financial disaster (Final Fantasy XIII and XIV) occurred. Plus we look ahead to the future for the series. We have a few key people left at Square Enix at this point, but the guy we're focusing on is Tetsuya Nomura, who exemplifies all the positive and negative traits at Square Enix today. 

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Each game is accompanied by a song from the respective game. The list of songs used in this episode is as follows:

Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand
Final Fantasy XI - Main Theme
Final Fantasy XII - Dalmasca Esthersands
Final Fantasy XIII - Blinded by Light

Each of these was taken from a Final Fantasy soundtrack, which you can find here. You can find the Distant Worlds soundtrack with the orchestral versions of these songs here. Once more our opening theme was "The Beginning of the Fantasy" by mp, and can be found at OCRemix. Our closing theme is "Bad Octopus" by Fishy and XPRTNovice.