On this weeks show Arman and Daniel discuss new Kickstarter projects based on older games with Mighty No. 9 and Shantae. The Free the Games controversy rears its ugly head as Ouya Kickstarter games are being spammed.  As for the big companies, we talk about the Nintendo 2DS, the Xbox One release date, and the iPhone 5C. Then there's the BONUS ROUND, where we can't help but groan at Metal Gear Solid designer, Hideo Kojima and laugh at the newest Square Enix hit, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

Plus we have an interview with the lead designer of Divinity: Dragon Commander, Farhang Namdar. He talks about the challenges of developing a game in Belgium and how they built a game that is simultaneously a role playing game, a turn-based strategy and a real-time strategy game.

Our transition song for this week is Hands of Time by Kirill Pokrovsky from the Dragon Commander soundtrack.