This week we Valve's online storefront, Steam, rapidly expands. Beginning with the Steam OS, the Steam Box, and the Steam Controller, it looks like Valve will be running into a console crunching future. Then there's the best looking game for the PS4, Deep Down, which is apparently free but filled with microtransactions. This is coming out of a company with only $150 million in the bank. And This Week in Xbox One News (TWIX-ON),  Microsoft continues to have bad PR, as their public relations specialists make sure everyone knew that the Xbox One isn't as capable as the Xbox 30 at launch. Lucasfilm is dreaming up an amazing future where movies will be made in real time with video game rendering technology.

This week marks the return of the bonus round, where we run through Jaffe Ghost Hunting & Co, Clang gets blunted and the Persona Countdown.

Plus an interview with three of the designers behind the River City Ransom Underground Kickstarterand how easy it is to get a 20-year-old game license. Behind the effort is Ottawa, Canada based studio, Conatus Creative. 

This week's episode uses the following songs: Are you Ready? - Patti LaBelle and Boss Theme 2 - River City Ransom OST. 

Unfortunately not featured in this episode, Tonight Tonight Tonight  - Beat Crusaders.