This week ex-Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi died after more than 50 years at the company (1949-2002), helping the company transition from a card game company to a video game giant. Ouya Free the Games decides that scammers probably don't deserve ,  Sega bought the failing Index Holdings, which means they now own Atlus Japan and Atlus USA, EA has a new CEO, Andrew Wilson, found in the depths in the Origin division. GTA V made more than a billion dollars, but who cares because Ace Attorney V has a release date and we are psyched.

Plus we have an interview with Shadowrun designer, and the CEO of Harebrained Schemes Studios, Jordan Weisman . We talk about the future of his his new video game, Shadowrun Returns and the Berlin Campaign.

Leigh Alexander's fantastic review of GTA V can be found on her website and on soundcloud.

For the music we used in this week's episode, check out Persona 4, Epsilon Not, and the Shadowrun Returns soundtrack.