Our New Years gift to you all is a history of Final Fantasy! We talk about each game and some of our favourite spin-offs as we recount the growth of Squaresoft, its employees and its current state. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. In the first part, we talk about the first six games, and the key designers, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Hiroyuki Ito, Koichi Ishii, Akitoshi Kawazu, and Hiromichi Tanaka.


Each game is accompanied by a song from the respective game. The list of songs used in this episode is as follows:

Final Fantasy I - Prelude/Crystal Theme
Final Fantasy II - Castle Pandemonium
Final Fantasy III (DS) - Eternal Wind
Final Fantasy IV - Boss Battle Theme
Final Fantasy V - Clash on the Big Bridge 
Final Fantasy VI (Distant Worlds) - Terra's Theme

Each of these was taken from a Final Fantasy soundtrack, which you can find here. You can find the Distant Worlds soundtrack with the orchestral versions of these songs here. 

Our opening theme is "The Beginning of the Fantasy" by mp, and can be found at OCRemix.  These photos were taken by Bryan Ochalla on Flickr.