Delayed due to sudden flights, computer crashes and a battle to determine the fate of the Earth, Built to Play is back with its last episode for the year.


We start with a quick stop at the Winter Bit Bazaar with Christine Love talking about the Interstellar Selfie Station and Jesse Gibney on Apotheon from Alien Trap. Then we end the fall term with help from Steve Engels and Nick Graham who talk about the game design classes in the University of Toronto and Queen's University. But going deeper than design, Lennart Nacke talks about measuring physiological responses to games and why knowing when you sweat during Half Life will lead to better games. (Correction: He does teach game design. The script has an error. We apologize.)

You can't have a semester without a brief history and english lesson. So we brought in David Craddock to recount the history of the original Diablo from his book Stay Awhile and Listen. Rounding off the term, Hugo Award winning author Peter Watts came by for his views on narrative in games, and how he ended up writing the novelisation for Crysis 2. 

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We used a ton of music in this week's episode! Thanks to the Free Music Archive for Alex Gross' 4 AM Party, Pietnaztka's School Boy, Plusplus' Greek Tragedy, Tozo's Halluzination. Our end theme was Memory Box by a personal favourite, junior85. Plus we had a little help from Cabeeno Rossley, and cam.dudes on Freesound. The header image was by Vivian Ng.

And from our studio to yours...


Happy Holidays?