Daniel and Arman went to the Xbox One and PS4 launches last week and wondered why anyone would wait in the cold and rain for a new console. Chad Sapieha comes by to answer why journalists review consoles at launch, and how they evolve through the years.


But a week before that, we went to the Wordplay festival which celebrates literary or writerly games. We had a chance to talk to its organizer, Jim Munroe, co-founder of the Hand Eye Society.

The designers of Kentucky Route Zero came in all the way from Chicago for the festival. They showcased the Oculus version of their KRZ intermission/tragedy play The Entertainment. So we pulled aside Tamas Kemenczy and Jake Elliott to talk to us about Kentucky (the state) and magical realism. 

Plus the news this week! Atlus announced Persona 5, trolling everyone in the process. Sony had a porn crisis on the PS4, so Twitch.TV banned the Playroom app. We finally have a look at the specs for the first Steam Box.  Double Fine got the rights to Stacking and Costume Quest back from Nordic Games. 

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Music this week comes from the Rho "Long Drive Home" and Michael Mlozeski "The Road North" on the Free Music Archive. Sound effects come from AugustSandberg and JMDH at Freesound. Our end theme was the "Long Journey Home" by The Bedquilt Ramblers, and is available on the Kentucky Route Zero soundtrack. Check it out on bandcamp.