This week on Built To Play, we went all out with the jump scares. Daniel and Arman are hiding right behind you! Did you look? We move too fast for human eyes. Also too fast for human eyes is the speed at which Sony is removing features from the PS4. Not to mention the speed at which the price of the PS4 increased in Brazil.

Then there's DriveClub and Watch Dogs' vanishing act, which are delayed into well into next year. In the background, Canada is now looming over the video game economy, with wide and hungry as it becomes the third largest centre for game development.

Meanwhile Nintendo had some false optimism about the Wii U and were spooked by the surprising numbers. 

Plus this week, we have three guests to match the spooktacular tone. After we play a little Clock Tower, I talk to two the creators of the audio only iOS game, Vanished, about the importance of sound design.

Next up is one of the lead designers of Outlast, David Chateauneuf, on why we love horror, how to make it, and what modern games are lacking.

We finish off with the terrifying Ghost Arcade, and its curator Skot Deeming, who revels in the bootleg, hacks and forgotten corners of video game's history. Skot Deeming is doctoral student at Concordia University in Montreal and a researcher at Concordia's Amplab.

The end theme in this week's episode comes from the Free Music Archive: Somewhere Off Jazz Street - Ghost. Thanks to Freesound users: SoundCollectah, tuben, and eliasheunick. We also have music from the soundtrack of Clock Tower for the Super Famicom, which you can check out below. Or buy the Clock Tower 3 soundtrack here.