This episode is all about choices! PS4 or Xbox One? Pah!

Davey Wreden, designer of the Stanley Parable, talks about the problems of marketing a game, when all the game has is choices. Kris Piotrowski, Renaud Bedard, and Marie Christine Bourdua discuss the best place to go drinking. Then author Ryan North explains how to build a choose your own adventure game without always killing the player. 

As for the news, we delved into numbers. Millions watched the League of Legends finals. A million bought the PS4. Microsoft spent millions on the Xbox One. And there are probably a million different reasons not to spend $500 on Namco High. In our Bonus Round, Daniel reveals the Newya, and the horrifying new world of the VGX.

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This episode uses audio from djgriffin at Freesound, and Dots by Mentz from the Free Music Archive.

Special thanks goes to Disasterpiece who let us use the song Home from the Fez soundtrack. For more from Disasterpiece, you can check out his website, or listen to the rest of the Fez soundtrack below.