On this Tuesday edition of Built to Play we won't stop Mexican wrestling. We put Valve's final announcement last week, the brand new Steam Controller, under a chokehold of criticism. Then we body slammed our way through the new Nintendo Direct, giving special mention to the open world of Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Meanwhile news of Sega Sammy's recent layoffs come like a knee to the groin. We tore off the mask of some Kickstarter news, with guest Matt Gilgenbach handing us a chair for more details on the end of his campaign for Neverending Nightmares. China then broke into the ring and declared an end to its game console ban, at least within the new Shanghai Free Trade Zone, meant to attract foreigners to one of China's largest cities.

Once again we have more comical news in our bonus round, including the Deus Ex Universe and the new Sonic TV show. 

Plus we have a tag team match with Graham Smith and Chris McQuinn, two of the leaders from Drinkbox Studios in Toronto. They gave us a post-mortem on the Luchalibre-themed game, Guacamelee, making all of these bad puns completely justified.  

Music used in this weeks episode comes from the Free Music Archive, featuring Johnny_Ripper - Carousel, and the Guacamelee soundtrack, which you can check out below.