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When he was handed the editing job, Marcus Lindblom had never heard of EarthBound before, or the Mother series. They'd just told him that about 10 per cent of the editing had already been done, and that he'd be working with a new translator, Masayuki Miura who had previously worked for Ape. Marcus had edited the translation of a couple games before this, but they were all small projects. He usually dealt with games where the biggest problems were editing menus and item descriptions, leaving not much room for creativity. But here was this long role playing game with funny dialogue, complicated characters and an exceptional world.

To no one's surprise, that meant a lot of hard work. Marcus worked 14 hour days, and had to crunch soon after the birth of his daughter. The localization process was also challenging, not just because of the translation. They had no dedicated software beyond a text editor. So Miura would toss him a line, a name or a description and Marcus would think for a moment and then write something down. Miura would type that back into the computer, sifting between the code and the language. They'd do this without the full script, not knowing how the game would end, and didn't have much opportunity to play the game to gather the context. And that was the job every day for around 3 months. 

It's also strange to consider Marcus didn't think much of the game. When Nintendo first released EarthBound in 1995, they considered it a flop. It had a bad advertising campaign, was too ahead of its time or any number of reasons. So for around 10 years, it was more a personal success than a public one, even as a fan base grew online.

Marcus currently works at Carried Away Games. You can find him on twitter @CarriedAwayGame. The music in this episode was EarthBound Brainshock by aluminium on OCRemix.