Jaime recouping on the final night of Gamercamp

Jaime recouping on the final night of Gamercamp

Co-founded by Jaime Woo, Gamercamp was a games festival created mostly for the founder's curiosity.

They heard Torontonians were making games and getting attention for it, but couldn't see the games anywhere.  So they made their own event based in their hometown. Their first year, it was just a series of talks in a small theatre on one day, and despite a rocky start they kept at it. Six years later, Gamercamp was the biggest festival of its kind in the city, including an arcade and multiple parties in a single weekend. Compared to even a medium-sized convention like IndieCade, Gamercamp is tiny. Yet, by any measure, it's been a success. Which is why the decision to close up shop came as a surprise to some, and upset a few others.

We brought Jaime into the studio to talk about those early years and why he's decided to end Gamercamp.

Jaime Woo is a technology writer, and author of the book Meet Grindr. You can find him on Twitter @JaimeWoo and on his website. Thanks for the Free Music Archive for "Carousel" by johnny_ripper.