Matt Gilgenbach spent five years at Heavy Iron Studios, before deciding to strike out on his own. His first game was called Retro/Grade, a rhythm-based space shooter done backwards. It's a tough game to describe. Despite multiple positive reviews, the game was an utter flop and Matt fell into a period of depression. Retro/Grade took four years of his life with zero salary without stopping. Eventually he overcame his depressive spell, and decided to take inspiration from it. Thus came Neverending Nightmares, a horror game drawn from Matt's own obsessions and morbid fantasies. Neither of which he particularly enjoys having, but if he's going to have obsessions, he might as well use them to his advantage.

The game follows Adam, who is having a particularly poor time of keeping track of reality. Neverending Nightmares' aesthetic, drawn from German Expressionism and horror films, makes you second guess how real Adam's surroundings are or whether the terrifying situation he's stuck in has finally killed you.  


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The music used in this interview is from Junior8, Downliners Sekt, and Coma Stereo. You can find them all on the Free Music Archive.

Neverending Nightmares is currently on Kickstarter with a $99,000 goal. Should he reach his goal, he is also applying for the contraversial Ouya's Free the Games contest which would double his earnings. For more from Matt, you can check out his twitter