Farhang Namdar is the lead game designer of the Divinity role playing game series. He's been working for Larian Studios for more than 10 years, and making new Divinity games all the while. Larian is all the way out in Belgium, which comes with its advantages. It's a medieval university town that's older than the United States and Canada, and is filled with history and culture. It's one of the few towns in Belgium whose top political candidates are the Green Party and the Socialist Party. However, Belgium, along with most of Europe, has a lot of taxes and they don't spare small companies like Larian. So Farhang's forced to focus on his priorities, making the gameplay as engaging as possible within their minute budget. 

Larian's most recent game is Divinity: Dragon Commander, which is unique for two reasons. Firstly it is simultaneously a RPG, a board game and a real time strategy game. Secondly, you can transform into a dragon with a jetpack. Farhang explains how both these elements ended up in the game, and why he's proud of the outcome. 

You can find out more about Divinity: Dragon Commander here. Larian Studios upcoming game is a Divinity prequel called, Divinity: Original Sin. 

The music in this episode is from Johnny_Ripper, Luca La Morgia and the Dragon Commander Soundtrack. For a sampling, you can find some of the tracks on Youtube.