Steve Gaynor founded the Fullbright Company alongside Johnnemann Nordhagen, and Karla Zimonja in 2012. They were fresh off of working on the Bioshock series, notably producing the best part of Bioshock 2 - the Minerva's Den DLC, when they decided to make their own game that felt like the story of that series with none of the combat. The game instead feels more like exploration of family life and a certain era. In this interview, Gaynor discusses how they put the game together, its origin, and how they developed many of the the themes in Gone Home. 

Spoiler Warning: We do discuss a major character beat about 20 minutes into the interview. It's not a massive spoiler, but it does colour your perspective on the game. If you want to really go in fresh, stop listening to interviews and go play the game. 

You can buy Gone Home on Steam and through their website. 

Below is their trailer, featuring one of the songs on their soundtrack, Style Now - Riot Grrrl. The song we used in the interview is unrelated, but can be found here. For more of Gone Home's music, check out their description of it here.