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Christine Love is a video game designer based out of Toronto who has just released her new title, Hate Plus. According to unofficial sources, she is a "visual novelist" which is a fairly unique title in North America. While the genre (also known as eroge) has its fans (in games like Ace Attorney) it is far more popular in Japan than in the West. It's a genre that provides hours of reading, multiple choices, audio clips and an engaging plot, since that's the sole focus of the game. Love also included a achievement in the game which requires the player to complete a delicious task in real life. Discover what it takes to make a visual novel, the themes behind Hate Plus and the how the game transitioned from an expansion pack to a full game all its own in this interview done by Daniel Rosen. 

Love's other games include: Digital: A Love Storydon't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story, Analogue: A Hate Story. 

Hate Plus is available on Steam or through its website. The song used in this interview is the game's theme "It's not Ero!"


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