Mike Gale ran a Kickstarter last week for his game, Soul Saga: Episode 1. Soul Saga is a 3D role-playing game made in a Japanese art style and inspired by games like Final Fantasy VI. If you can get past the 30 minute discussion of how great Final Fantasy VI is, we talk about how his Kickstarter is coming and how he plans to allocate with his funds.  Gale ended up with almost three times than what he asked for ($60,000) at $300,000 but that doesn't mean a ton of profit. All of that is going into the game, as you will hear. 

 This interview was supposed to go up back on Saturday, while his Kickstarter was still running, but that didn't happen. It's over now, but if you feel inclined to donate, you can still contribute to his paypal account or vote for it on Steam Greenlight. The song below is by Aivi Tran and is catchy.