I have no idea what's happening in this trailer but I am so excited for it. Killer is Dead is the new game from  Suda51 and the newest game is in his personal brand of batshit insanity. Suda51 has been tame for too long. A shooter where a Latino man says "Look at my big boner!" over and over again is pedestrian. Move aside that zombie hunting game starring the most American cheerleader. A game where you kill monsters by being great at baseball? Please. I want completely incomprehensible juvenile nonsense. 

Suda51 has been building back his reputation as being the most inexplicable man in video games. A good sign came a few months ago where he said that the PS4 made him horny. I assume what he meant was that new technology made his penis unconditionally erect and he was looking forward to spreading his enthusiasm, but who cares.

Killer7 is the game where you solve all political issues by killing yourself. No More Heroes is the game where you sumo wrestle your way through football stars and supermodels. The less I understand the better.