Going into E3 this year, I had a fairly good idea of what Square Enix planned to do with its Final Fantasy series. Versus XIII was a joke. They promised it for the first PS3's first E3, back when charging $600 for that monolith seemed like a good idea. So I expected the branding change. What I did not expect was a game that looks absolutely incredible to play, or at least watch someone play. You'll see what I mean in the video. 

It's an incredibly pretty game but I have to wonder how much agency the player has in the gameplay. It appears linear with a limited ability to interact. There are three options in the menu: Warp, Attack and Linkform. Warp pulls you right next to the enemy, attack makes Noctis strike and I have no idea what Linkform does. I have to assume it's the crazy looking combo attacks done with multiple characters. The swords to the right of the menu is a mystery. It could be an array of weapons at your disposal at a given time, allowing you to switch on the fly to suit the opponent. That would definitely be a departure for Final Fantasy for sure. In any case, I'm definitely interested to see what Final Fantasy XV becomes and whether it'll be an interactive movie or an role playing game on PS4 and Xbox One.