Microsoft kicked off E3 today with their Xbox press conference. After the criticisms surrounding the Xbox One’s reveal, an event more or less devoid of games, the pressure was on to deliver a spectacular performance at this year’s E3.

They managed to deliver on the promise they made after their TV laden reveal event; today’s event was all about the games.  They dedicated the first few minutes of the conference to talking about the Xbox 360, a console, it seems, Microsoft has no plans to forget. The Xbox 360 has undergone a second redesign, which Microsoft says is available starting today. They also plan to keep releasing games new game for the console, listing titles such as Dark Souls 2GTA V, and the PC hit, World of Tanks, as games that will be available on the console in the near future.

Microsoft has also announced updates for Xbox LIVE. Gold Members can now look forward to two free game downloads every month, starting withAssassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3. Gold members can now share the features of their accounts, including multiplayer gaming, with other users on their home console without having to be logged in. They have also done away with the loathed Microsoft Points, opting instead to use local currencies.

As expected, the Xbox One took the spotlight, with Microsoft announcing a November launch and a $499 price tag. With the announcement of a myriad of new games and exclusive content, Microsoft made this one of the most jam-packed E3 in recent memory. Ryse: Son of RomeKiller Instinct,Forza Motorsport VQuantum BreakCrimson DragonDead Rising 3 and Halo, all exclusive titles coming to the Xbox One. On top of exclusive titles for their console, Microsoft has also managed to convince previously PlayStation exclusive franchises and developers to create content for the Xbox One. Hideo Kojima, vice president of Konami and director of Kojima Productions, has brought the Metal Gear franchise to an Xbox console in the first real way with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Insomniac, the once PlayStation only developers of the Ratchet and Clank franchise have also announced their new title Sunset Overdrive is going to be coming to Xbox One.

Microsoft managed to deliver the press conference they needed to in lieu of the negative reaction sparked from the some of the Xbox One’s policies. While they did not address any of the policies that caused said controversies, they did deliver one of the best press conferences in recent memory. With a set of exclusive titles, and a great multiplatform and indie game showing, Microsoft is approaching the next generation of gaming with full force.