None of the E3 press conferences have gotten me too hyped up just yet, nothing has been too surprising so  far, but Microsoft did manage to show off one trailer that I was expecting, but still blew me away. 

 Dark Souls II's trailer is suspiciously low on deaths, as well as high on editing that makes it look like more of a traditional action game, but it's unmistakably Dark Souls. Hopefully, Namco Bandai's recent statements that they're positioning the game as the next Skyrim, and that it's their next "AAA" title, will only affect the game's marketing. From Software doesn't have much experience developing big budget titles, and I'd rather not see them make a mess of a sequel to one of my favourite games of this console generation. But hey, at least that extra money in the budget is going to making this game look gorgeous. I'm pretty pumped for next March.