We’re a Podcast about how Games effect our lives

A show about how games impact the world around us. We interview developers, makers and players about their projects — and examine what makes games unique in their ability to effect our hearts and minds.

Built to Play is hosted by Daniel Rosen and Arman Aghbali. Follow us on twitter!  We're produced out of CJRU in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Listen to a new episode on CJRU 1280 AM at Thursday 1 p.m EST. Or catch it the night after on our website.

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Art by Vivian Ng

Art by Vivian Ng

Arman Aghbali

Arman Aghbali is Built to Play's fearless leader, when he's not being incredibly handsome and flying jetskis into biplanes. We tolerate him because of his skill at talking to people beside a microphone. Arman is Built to Play's lead, and often only, producer. 

Daniel Rosen

Daniel Rosen is Built to Play's heart and soul, so long as he's not engaged in his endless blood feud with David Cage and his "oeuvre." He's the site's video game expert and can tell your Bioshocks from your Bio Force Apes. Daniel is Built to Play's best, and often only, feature editor.  


We use songs and sounds available through OCRemix, Freesound, the Free Music Archive or those with prior permissions. For a full list of songs used in each episode, check the bottom of the episode page where it'll say all the song names and how to find them. In fact, if you like the music heard on the podcast, go out and buy some. We mostly use songs from small artists so it'd really help them out if you did.  

If you believe your music is being used inappropriately, send us an email and we'll fix it. 

Our default theme is "Big Change " by Slave to the Squarewave, although we rarely use it these days. You can find them on the Ontario Independent Music Archive.

Review Policy

Built to Play sometimes reviews games! These aren't product reviews. We like talking about games that interest us or we feel are important to cover. Either way these are more explorations into the game's themes and the game's efficacy in representing those themes. But for those of you who do want a verdict, we can to tell you where to best spend your time and money with a simple binary system. If something is worth your time, it gets a thumbs up, if not, thumbs down. We may update reviews in post based on changing circumstances, like poor online performance, or if a game no longer fits the needs of someone who might want to play it.